• Pafosu was born as an idea in 2007, when I changed back to being a free lancer after 8 years of working for GIZ.

  • Pafosu stands for Partnership for Sustainability and was supposed to become an on-line matchmaking portal for joint initiatives between companies and international cooperation projects in developing and emerging countries.

  • But pafosu only is feasible if undertaken with full energy and dedication. As I was involved in plenty of interesting consulting projects ever since moving to Hamburg in 2007, and over the course of time our two kids arrived, there simply never was enough time to carry the idea forward.

  • The idea remains very valid though , especially nowadays where an increased involvement of and cooperation with the private sector is needed to reach the sustainable development goals. Therefore pafosu might still be developed one day.

  • In the meantime I offer my services as strategy and management consultant¬† for projects that foster green and inclusive growth.